For general matters related to quality in the A&T sector

Stephan Petit (
(upcoming chairperson of the QAC).

Pierre Bonnal (
(former chairperson of the QAC).

Samy Chemli (

For matters related to asset and maintenance management

David Widegren (
(section leader of EN-ACE-AMM).

Goran Perinić (
(sci. secretary of the QAC, former co-project leader of the Maintenance Management Project).

For matters related to engineering data management

Aleksandra Wardzinska (
(section leader of EN-ACE-EDM).

Tsvetelin Krastev (
Claudio Scoero (

For matters related to CAD/CAE support

Per-Olof Friman (
(section leader of EN-ACE-CAE).

For matters related to configuration management and layout

Anne-Laure Perrot (
(section leader of EN-ACE-CL: layout and configuration management office for the A&T sector).

Sonia Bartolome Jimenez (
Thomas (Tom) Birtwistle (
Nicolas Gilbert (

For matters related to engineering and design office quality

Bertrand Nicquevert (
(chairperson of the GrACQ).

For matters related to procurement, technical auditing in the A&T sector and requirement engineering

Bertrand Nicquevert (
(lead chairperson of the A&T sector specification committee, convener of the ProLiQS).

Pierrette Colaci (
Maria Teresa Santos Calleja (

For matters related to program and project management support

Pierre Bonnal (

For matters related to installation coordination and project planning and scheduling

Marzia Bernardini (
(section leader of EN-ACE-OSS).

Julie Coupard ( ➜ matter related to LHC and Linac4
David Hay ( ➜ matters related to PS Booster
Simon Mataguez ( ➜ matters related to PS
David McFarlane ( ➜ matters related to SPS

Edited by: Pierre Bonnal (2016-07-07)

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