This website is dedicated to quality management support in the CERN Accelerators & Technology sector. Quality management shall be understood at large: it includes support in matter of document management (including safety documentation and scientific publication handling), asset and maintenance management, configuration management, engineering and design office quality, program and project management, procurement and to some extent, risk management.

Quality management support is provided my means of a modular and scalable quality management and systems engineering framework suited to the programs, projects and activities (quality management framework in short). This framework is no more than the LHC Project quality framework adapted and updated to accommodate nowadays quality management pratices on the one hand, and A&T sector requirements on the other hand.

The content of this quality management framework is governed by the A&T sector Quality Assurance Committee (mandate). The support is provided by the EN-ACE group. The services offered are mainly intended to the three departments of the A&T sector (A&T Directorate, Beams Department, Engineering Department and Technology Department); the material made available on this website is of course offered to the whole CERN community.


2020.05.28 : New coding officer for TE-CRG ( Quality website )
2020.05.18 : Asset Replacement: new process and template ( Quality website )
2020.05.18 : New coding officer for BE-ABP ( Quality website )
2019.11.14 : Template for the Risk Assessment of the LIU Individual System Tests (ISTs) (EDMS )
2019.11.11 : Functional positioning scheme for the PS East Area ( EDMS )
2019.01.11 : New templates for the ECRs ( Quality website )

Info Useful links and documents

Towards an Enhanced Quality Management Framework for the A&T Sector - A&T Seminar - 2014-05-15 (Indico )

LHC Project Quality Assurance Plan (former LHC Project website )

Edited by: Stephan Petit (2020-05-28)